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How important is your website?

The Problem: Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Your website, like most other websites, is likely hosted on a single server. When that server goes down, your website becomes completely inaccessible to all your visitors. At best, this results in major inconvenience to your visitors and a headache for you. At worst, this results in lost sales and a bad image.

Even if your hosting provider promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee and boasts no downtime on their network, you're still at risk. Your website will only be as reliable as the single server it's hosted on. And it's impossible to keep a single server running 100% of the time. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, your website could be down for almost 9 hours a year with absolutely no recourse. And once the guarantee kicks in, most providers will only refund a small percentage of your monthly fee.

The Solution: PrecisSite's Multi-Cluster Hosting Network

We distribute the hosting of your website among multiple geographically-dispursed, fully redundant servers. If one of our servers goes down, the others are already running and are ready to take over. We're so confident in the reliability of our hosting network that we guarantee our network will always be available to serve your website or we'll refund your full monthly hosting fee. We're leading the industry with this generous a guarantee at our pricing. Please read the terms of our Uptime Guarantee for more information.

The Problem: Inadequate Bandwidth

Many hosting providers don't provide their servers with enough bandwidth to handle DDoS attacks or a sudden surge of website visitors that a prominent link can bring. Additionally, most hosting providers have no protection from DDoS attacks at all. A sudden surge of website visitors or an unmitigated DDoS attack could bring down or website completely or cripple it enough that visitors will leave.

The Solution: PrecisSite's Well-Connected Servers

Each of our servers has 10 to 100 times the bandwidth available to it than many hosting providers. The primary datacenter has 19Gbps of BGP4 redundant bandwidth available from five tier-1 networks and two tier-2 networks. We utilize DoS and DDoS Attack Mitigation at both the hardware and software level to help protect against such attacks.

The Problem: Insecure and Misconfigured Servers

Recently, a study conducted by University of Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering revealed that on average, a computer with an Internet connection is attacked by a hacker every 39 seconds. Hosting providers often run improperly configured servers and individuals who run dedicated servers often don't have the time or resources to properly harden their servers against attacks. Inadequate security could open your website to defacing, spamming, or even theft of personal information.

The Solution: PrecisSite's Dedication to Security and Reliability

We minimize security risks by constantly testing our servers for vulnerabilities and monitoring and blocking intrusion attempts. We keep up to date with the latest security threats and make changes to hardware and software as necessary to further harden our servers against attacks.

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